Find out What Are Popular Question to Ask When Online Dating?

Online dating can be very entertaining and gratifying.
Since its inception, online dating has continuously brought people together even though they may be worlds apart. Online dating makes bridges to connect people together, enjoy each other, and build dreams together.However, it’s not always possible to instantly find somebody with whom to share the rest of your life with.

Online dating is a continuous, systematic process. It entails careful selection of words, pictures, and representations of the person involved in order to get the best results. Moreover, from the time you first find someone you think you could be interested in, remember the process will continue as you both get to know each other through a series of messages, chats, and other forms of communication.
Along with this comes the careful selection of words used and messages conveyed in order to establish natural, free-flowing, yet enlightening conversations. These are not just mere exchange of words and phrases but a way of getting to know each other.
Hence, it is extremely important to know which questions to ask so that you can get a better sense of who the other person is on the other side of the virtual screen.
Here are some of the questions that you should ask your e-friend in order to assess their personality and attitude. These questions will help to provide the necessary information regarding an individuals personal convictions and preferences.
Those who are involved in online dating just have to keep in mind that when asking these questions, they should make it appear very natural so that they will not sound like they are being confrontational.
In addition, be sure that you are also prepared to answer the same.

1. What is the major error that people make when dating online for the first time?
This question will illustrate some idea about how the other person views the opposite sex. In this way, one could get an insight on the attitude of the other person and his or her personal beliefs on some important matters like dating and relationships.

2. What are you looking for in a guy/girl?
With this question, an individual can get hold of the qualities that the other person is looking for in a companion.
However, one should take note of how the other person tries to answer the question. If the reply is passed off with a joke or some other attempt at humor chances are they have not yet thought about the answer.

3. What is a really successful relationship?
One could get a good view on how the other person values relationship. It would be better to hear the other person provide an answer regarding how the two persons who are involved in the relationship should work together as they grow.

4. What is your view on online dating services?
Through this question, a person will be able to know if the other person had some serious negative experience concerning online dating or the other way around. In addition, through the answers of the other person, one could guess if he or she is still willing to consider online dating or not.

5. Did you fail on your last relationship?
Most people would certainly blame the other person in the relationship. Others blame themselves too much. It would be better to hear some answers like they (the couple) equally share the blame and that it is just time to part ways.

The point in asking these questions is to establish a solid foundation by finding out the kind of personality and attitude the other person has. Keeping communication open is what matters most.
The problem with a lot of people involved in online dating is that most of them do not have any idea how to carry the conversation. They do not know what questions to ask and how to assess the answers that they get.
Remember that asking some reliable questions will give you an edge and you’ll be more confident when the time comes to meet in person.

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Online Dating Success

I have written this article because there is an enormous and active interest all around the world in dating online, but, not only is there a great interest in this subject there is also a considerable lack of knowledge, and I hope that by reading this you will be far better equipped to win at this game.

If you are new to the world of online dating and dont know its finer nuances, then you need to keep the following points in mind.
1. Create a screen name that is interesting. Avoid using one that is too sexy or hints at marriage. A screen name that includes your name should also be avoided. A screen name that is based on your looks may be most appealing to men.
2. You may be tempted to send e mails to all the attractive guys with your zip code. If you are a little patient you my find that some of those men will contact you. If someone you fancy does not contact you, send him a short e mail and then wait for him to follow up.
3. Avoid answering any questions you would not answer on a first date. Dont tell your date anything about your income or past relationships. It is not a good idea to tell him about how much you want or would like to get married.
4. Include more than one photograph. Men find the visual aspect much more attractive. If you post many photos, a man will get a better idea about how you look and whether you are his type, before he meets you.
5. Dont communicate with a person who refuses sending you his photograph. He may have something to hide.
Now let me just break this up for a moment and say that although, for ease of writing, I am taking this from a ladies perspective, most of what I am saying could equally apply from a mans perspective. So, having made that clear lets continue with our list.
6. A person who only sends you his picture or his profile may not be worth a response. If he does not have the time to write you an e mail, it is not worth wasting your time on him.
7. Always wait at least 24 hours before you respond to your dates e mail. If you respond too quickly, he may get the impression that you are too desperate or that you have too much free time.
8. Dont log on to your personal website or answer e mails on a Friday or Saturday. You must give the impression that you are not available, even if you are.
9. If a man does not respond, stop e mailing him. If he is really interested in meeting you, he will contact you and ask you out for a date.
10. If a guy does not ask you out even after four e mails you need to think about where the relationship is going. Keep mentioning that you are going out with friends and consider stopping all communication.
11. There is no need to keep your e mails short. Sticking to three line e mails can seem strange to someone who sends you a long e mail.
I will finish this short article by saying that there is a lot of information out there which if you are new to online dating you will find to be invaluable. The local bookstore is a mine of information on this subject, as is the local library. Also there are quite a number of helpful Blogs around which are very informative.

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Learn How To Pick The Perfect Dating Site

There are thousands of popular online dating sites to sift through on the Internet. The massive popularity of such Web sites proves how open-minded people have become about matchmaking services in the 21st century. Meeting people on the Web has become commonplace for the younger generation. However, most who are seeking out dating sites hardly have the time to meet people, let alone explore every online social portal.

There are many techniques one should employ when choosing which is the right site to use.
The first thing a new user should do is set a budget for him/herself. This budget may equal zero, which is fine. There are plenty of free dating sites available and many people have used them with great success.
However, with paid dating sites, a person will be treated to a more advanced matchmaking process. Not only may this include a scientific approach to matching like personalities, many paid dating sites will conduct criminal background checks on its users.

Another service may be a check on whether or not a user is secretly married.
Although there are thousands of dating sites to choose from, only a handful has become familiar to the public as a reputable service. Massive television campaigns, banner ads and even word of mouth should let a person know if they are dealing with a legitimate company.

This isn’t to say that the many dating sites without national attention aren’t any good, but some may feel more comfortable going with a safe bet. Also, there will be more options on the most popular dating sites.
If one chooses to use a lesser known dating service, it may be good to conduct a little research on it first. For example, many dating sites are listed with the Better Business Bureau, meaning that any complaints filed on the company can be found online for the public to see.

The fact that a dating service is even registered with the Better Business Bureau should instill some confidence in a potential paying customer. With so many fly-by-night dating sites out there, it never hurts to be cautious with one’s finances (particularly when paying with a credit card).
Singles should consider registering with several dating sites, rather than with one.
Not only does this open a person up to more than one market, it will let the user judge which of the dating sites is really working. If one service is proving unsuccessful, it can easily be cancelled.

Many paid dating sites offer a free trial for a month or less, which is an even better opportunity for the curious single. Whatever a person’s lifestyle and partner preference, there are dating services available for everyone.

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Are you a Quirkyalone: the Joy of Being Single

For the uninitiated, a ‘quirkyalone’ is a person who enjoys being single. Although not averse to the idea of a relationship, they would rather stay alone than date just for the sake of dating. The concept originally began as a personality type. Among a diverse group of people who identified with it (married, single, divorced, or widowed) soon grew to become something more.

A new, articulated set of ideas on relationships expressed through vocabulary: quirkyalone, quirkyslut, and quirkytogether (the quirkyalone way of being in a long term romantic relationship).
Quirkyalone is not anti-love. It is pro-love. It is not anti-dating. It is anti-compulsory dating. Although quirkyalones enjoy solitude, and sometimes even need and crave it, they are not loners. They typically have a strong network of friends and most place a high premium on friendship. Some have even been known to bring friends on dates!

They are part of a growing population in our society who live full and fun lives without feeling the need for a formal material relationship. In fact many quirkyalones see no reason to date for the purpose of sex. Their approach to being with others has more to do with friendship without the need for a primary relationship. It’s their desire for independence, for any number of reasons, which precludes the necessity for a “significant other” in their lives.

It also spawned a holiday. International Quirkyalone Day (February 14, of course!) is a Do-It-Yourself celebration of romance, friendship, and independent spirit.
As the term’s use becomes more frequent in our culture, other terms such as “old maid”, “spinster,” and “confirmed bachelor” are facing extinction. However, even though this new all-inclusive term stands a good chance of catching on.

Whether it’s their need to invest themselves in a career or a mindset that simply cannot see themselves in a marital relationship, the message to the rest of us is that they should be both understood and accepted.

Always wondered why you like to be by yourself and why the opposite gender just doesn’t interest you anymore? Answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following questions to see how quirkyalone you are.
1) You have a talent for self-reflection.
2) You’re excited about a successful, interesting life with or without a mate.
3) You create and maintain chosen clusters of friends.
4) You see life as a big choose-your-own-adventure kind of thing.
5) You support the idea of dating but not necessarily for the purpose of sex.
6) You prefer solitude to a relationship where you have to restrain n essential part of yourself.
7) You have a general compulsion to leave a mark on culture or society, to express yourself either through art, business, literature, or even social activism.
8) You recognise the ways society dictates happiness, primarily through romantic love, and believe this approach to a human failing.
9) You have had a taste or glimpse of a great relationship/encounter, which intensified your desire to be open to a similar experience again.
10) Your talent to deconstruct of love songs is equal only to your vulnerability to them.
0 to 3 “Yes” responses: Sorry, but you’re not a quirkyalone. You should sign up with an Internet dating service right now and dig out all the singles in your area.
4 to 6 “Yes” responses: You are a borderline quirkyalone. This means that you may still want to live with another almost quirkyalone and be a quirkyalone couple or might just want to sleep in your own room while your significant other sleeps in his/her own room.
7 to 10 “Yes” responses: You are definitely a quirkyalone. Instead of romancing another person, you will spend your life romancing life for all it’s worth. Along with a growing segment of a society who are committed to remaining single, you now can refer to everyone like yourself using one single word.

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Why Do Women Get Attracted to Married Men?

The hooked and booked man is like a forbidden temptation. That’s what makes him irresistibly attractive to a woman. He stirs a challenge in her. She feels a sense of power in attracting a man who is already taken. What makes him the catch for her is his confidence, experience and authority. The excitement stems from the fact that he’s already taken.

The golden rule here is: you want what you can’t have. Soon, this man becomes an overwhelming obsession for a woman. I call it the ‘forbidden fruit obsession’.
According to me, there are two reasons for women falling for married men. Firstly, wild attraction. And secondly, vulnerability. For a woman, a married man represents a certain security she craves. A woman feels that a married man – compared to a bachelor – can meet her emotional and material needs in a better manner. Getting a married man signifies a triumph of one woman over another woman. He’s a trophy catch. To have him, is about making the impossible.

If a woman wanted a fling, she could have had it with anybody. But a married man at her beck and call makes her value herself more… that he’s willing to throw it all over for her. It increases her self-esteem. Mind you, she’s enjoying this fantasy, as much as his wooing, his experience and the way he makes her feel extra special.
Sometimes, she likes the fact that he doesn’t go weak in the knees in front of her. He’s a symbol of authority. This relationship is about adventure and fun. But this is dangerous fun. There’s a risk of running another person’s life.

Married men love playing games. They give out the vibe – ‘I’m married but I’m game’. Married men are always on the lookout for fun. These are men on the prowl. For a woman, it might be difficult to resist the vibes of attraction from a married man. He makes himself so indispensable.

A married man can give you a great time. There are times when this forbidden attraction transforms into love and romance, especially if the man doesn’t have a happy marriage. Not all married men are jerks, some even leave their wives and get married to women they love. But the fact is, men and women love playing power games with each other. This is a dangerous game. It can take you through highs and lows, like you’ve never experienced. Human beings are fragile and one learns from trial and error. So it’s you have to decide, whether it is a viable option to have a relationship with a married man.

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5 Things No Man Wants to Hear!

A man’s ego is at most times bigger than the man himself. While that would usually translate into trouble, a man’sego is also the key to saying just the right things to him – to get your way, of course! While anything works as a compliment with men, there are certain ‘Taboo Topics’ you shouldn’t even mention! Here is the code to getting any man to become puffy in your hands.

Is that a bald patch?
Men spends more time worrying about their looks – or the loss of them – than girls do. If you sees thinning hairline, buy him a cap. Remember, you can get a fringe to hide your hair problems, he can’t. Be kind. Be discreet!

Is that your salary?
After his hair, this is another sensitive area, where saying anything hurts. If he isn’t boasting about his salary, just know you aren’t supposed to talk about it. Even saying “Honey, we’ll manage” is merely driving the point home!

Was I supposed to laugh?
Yes, it is a joke. Even if you’ve heard it 15 times, laugh. If you can’t laugh, don’t yawn atleast! Men like to think they’re funny. Come to think of it, they are! Know it and keep shut!

Are you pregnant?
So his belly does look as if he’s eight months preggie and due any moment. But it doesn’t mean you poke his paunch publicly! Get him to lose it or enjoy it!

You’re done? But we just started….
He’s over and done with and you’re just warming up? Talk to him and tell him you take longer – but don’t nag. If things don’t change, change the man.
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Online Dating – Holiday Tips

Singles and Holidays don't always mix. That's why learning how to survive and thrive during the holiday season is an important thing for singles to learn. Since holidays are marketed for families, singles that are alone are often made to feel like outsiders crashing a party. Talk about the holiday blues!

As Christian single women and men dreading yet another holiday season alone, you're probably struggling or thinking about:

- Where you're going to spend the holidays to avoid loneliness
- How unfair it is that another Christmas is coming, and you're still single
- What you're going to tell or do to those relatives who ask you again why you're not yet married.
We all know that Christmas can be tricky when it comes to dating. On the surface; it seems the ideal time to find that special someone, what with office parties, social get-togethers and strategically hung mistletoe (keep it clean lads). Yet Christmas is also a season tarnished by novelty knitted jumpers, Santa socks, loud ties, sparkly bauble earrings and flashing badges (and by flashing we mean lights!) On with the snow, the winter weather is renowned for drying out the skin, so make sure you don’t snow on your dream date this Christmas!

Festive cheer… Smile! Remember to keep up your spirits as winter approaches.
New Year’s Eve ranks up there as being one of the top three loneliest nights of the year if you are alone, and not by choice. But don’t worry — while it may be a well kept secret — the truth is, most singles are either home alone or staying in with family. That said, if you are home alone, don’t despair, these tips are for you:
- Get your favorite pizza ordered in and commit to a night of DVD movies.

- Phone date. Call your friends from different parts of the country.
- Invite other singles over for a take-in dinner. The truth is you’ll probably have more fun with these friends than you would at a big shebang with people you don’t know well at all.
But if none of this will make you feel better you have another opportunity:
- Get online! With the growing popularity of online dating, meeting a member of the opposite sex has never been easier. The days when men and women grappled with the problem of finding a date for Saturday night are long gone. Now all you have to do is to spend a few hours online, maybe even less, and you can find a date instantly.

The biggest advantage of online dating is wide choice. How do you normally find a suitable person to date – through friends or family? Somebody known to someone you know. Otherwise, you have to look to date unknown people offline, for example in a club. But that is risky, because you know nothing about each other and the very first encounter is direct.

With online dating, you get a very wide choice. Leaving aside few cheats, you can identify some suitable persons who can be dated by you provided they are ready. You get to know about their profession, likes and dislikes and preferences for a dating partner. That gives you a lot of information about them. With further correspondence, you can find out more. And if you are careful and alert, you should be able to identify liars amongst them. But even after that, you get a much bigger choice. Now you are not dependent only on friends and family, but you can target a lot many totally unknown people who can be dated by you.

According to a yahoo, Personals Survey, 40 percent of single women are asking Santa to bring them someone to marry in the next year, while 38 percent of single men are just hoping to get a hot date for New Year’s Eve. More than 1,000 single people from across the country offered insights into their wish lists for holiday party dates, meeting the parents, celebrity mistletoe encounters and more.
Willing to go solo?

While 86 percent of singles are willing to go to a holiday party alone, nearly half (43 percent) admitted that it’s sad to be single during the holidays.
Singles in the Midwest are the most likely to stay home if they don’t have a date to a holiday party.
Are you feeling down about being single this holiday season and wishing you could just go into suspended animation till January 1st… or make that February 15th? You are not alone, because there are a lot of men online that are waiting to know you better. You will have an absolutely great time and you may find the special one.
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Making a Great First Impression On Women

ALWAYS look your best. I know this sounds REALLY obvious but you’d be surprised by how many men don’t understand the importance of this simple tip. You never know when the girl of your dreams will turn up, or where. And it’s become a bit of a clich because it’s true — first impressions really do count.

Here are some figures to consider from my studies.

If you make a GOOD first impression on a woman, you have a 90% chance of EVER getting with her at that point (10% of women for whatever reason will be unreachable for most men at ANY point – she might like women herself etc).
If you make a BAD first impression your chances with her reduce drastically to just 20%. This means that to make her attracted to you AFTER the first 3 minutes of meeting her will be incredibly difficult if her first impressions of you were bad.

It’s the difference between climbing a mountain and using a helicopter to fly up one. Good first impressions means you’re on your way to the top in the helicopter, bad first impressions means you have a difficult climb to success – no helicopters for you.
Honestly, I can’t stress this enough — always try to look your best.
Tiff’s 5 S’s of first impressions.
Shave. Shower. Stylish. Smell. Shoes.

Remember these 5 S’s and always take care of them before you go out.
Why are shoes my number 5 S?
Your shoes are the FIRST thing a woman really notices about your clothing and hence your appearance. Make sure your shoes are clean and fashionable.
What you wear is very important. I could try to recommend a certain look but as with all things fashionable by the time you read this it may have changed.
Get the latest GQ magazine or other fashionable men’s magazine’s and imitate the styles you see there — most women don’t really care what labels you are wearing as long as you look good so you don’t have to spend the Earth on clothing.

Many guys I help dress better usually comment on how strange they feel wearing clothes they are uncomfortable in, but nine times out of 10 they start to feel natural and even confident wearing their new wardrobe within days.
Make sure you smell good. Again this is extremely important. Remember how you feel when a woman walks by you and she smells soooo good – you feel an instant attraction even though you don’t know her – well, that’s how women feel too.
Wear a good-quality cologne, but don’t spray too much.

One squirt on both sides of the neck, and one squirt on both wrists — maximum. You don’t want to smell too overpowering.
I recommend cool water by Davidoff or John Paul Gautier for Men (often called JPG love juice because women love it) if they don’t sell it where you are try to order some from abroad, this stuff is GREAT!
And here’s a GREAT little SECRET that I have found will help you actually pickup about 24% of women without SAYING a word to them! Not a single word! And NO rejection either. You won’t find this anywhere else either.

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YOU Are The Best Man For Me!

Yes, that’s true. You are the best! But no woman will tell you this too easy, even if she believes it.
If you do like a women you are dating to, and you want more than a few dating nights with her, just STOP being nervous and excited around her. If she accepted to date you more than once you do have a lot of chances to be the best man for her. All you have to do is to start believing it yourself, and she will realize it too (if she hasn’t already).

Let's suppose you don’t know each other very well. The fun of dating is learning about each other, peeling away the layers and discovering all those wonderful habits and personality. Don’t be too intense when you two are spending time together. It could be fun and remember that fun should be the main state when dating her.

If you have “I need a soul mate” stamped on your forehead, you’ll scare her away. But if instead of that you have the attitude “I am the best for you, and I’m not in a hurry because I know you are not going anyway” you will look confident, calm, funny and finally more attractive.

Attractive women are looking for something different: a challenge, a spark, an unpredictable, funny guy like you to take her imagination away.
I've heard many women talking about how they would like to meet a serious, loving man to build a life with, most of them are not in their best days when are telling this. But I never heard a woman in love saying that she is attracted to her lover because he is a serious and careful, attentive man.

Would you like to know how a woman in love is describing her sweetheart? I’ll tell you how: “I really don’t know why I am so in love with him. He’s different! He’s the best!” Nothing too concrete here, you’ll say. You are right, but this is the true: attraction has no logic.
I don’t tell you to get a shower before your date (a recommendation that make me smile and that you can find in most dating articles tips for men on net :)) but dress smart casual, don’t overdo it.
Just become a challenge for her and maybe some day she will whisper to your ear “YOU are the best man for me!”

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Dating Free Sites

Today, everyone seem to be so busy doing whatever they are doing. They never seem to be enough time to go out and meet someone, let alone ask someone for a date. Hence, many have resorted to go online to find their dream partner, a prospect whom may one day become their life partner. No wonder dating free sites are a great boom to the fragmentation of our traditional social structures.

The reason why dating free sites are so felicitous to modern humanity is that they provide expediency with results. They cut to the chase. A person no longer has to date another person for months before finding out his or her religion, spirituality or any other major socio-psychological factors which might stir up a smooth relationship down the track.

Having said that, this does not mean that dating free site will provide an instantaneous perfect man or woman ripe for marriage. It simply implies that people would be able to share their beliefs more readily and with less embarrassment as both parties know the exact reason why they are discussing the issues.
This may seem strange but, in the distanced method of dating via the internet, very often, couples find it easier and certainly socially safer, to get personal faster and deeper than might happen in more traditional face-to-face interactions.

This fact can not be overstated. The truth is that, even some of the most beautiful men and women still hold deep seated insecurities which often come out when they speak to a potential lover. Often pure nervousness can ruin a potentially great relationship.

With dating free sites, the playing ground is more evenly leveled, allowing each individual to gain knowledge, trust, and familiarity with a man or woman who may prove to be “the right one”. Furthermore, by communicating in this manner, people are also more likely to be more honest. Again, reducing numerous problems which would be experienced in a more traditional relationship. Dating online does not mean to short change traditional dating methods. It merely proves the point that now, there are other effective ways to dating.

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Reading Your Partners Mind

When Ann came to see me, she was in the process of counting how many times in the past year her husband had turned on the television when she wanted to talk to him not that she had ever told him she wanted to talk. She left him oblivious to her upset, while her resentment built at his failure to magically know what was on her mind.

When we are young it seems as if our caretakers magically know when we need to eat and what they must do to take care of us. Children have a family romance in which their parents are always wise and good. This is extended to the whole world via the culture of children's stories, in which wonderful things happen to the good guys and the bad guys get their due.

The Prince comes. The slipper fits. They live happily ever after.
In adulthood this can become the expectation: that our partners should always know what we need without our having to tell them. When our partner fails to read our minds and to magically know our needs, resentment builds. We can take our partner's blindness as a criticism of what we want or as a failure to do their part in the relationship. I have seen many couples who both believe that the other one knows, just knows,what it is they need and is withholding it for reasons of perversity or vindictiveness. This leads to a kind of passivity and watching in the relationship. We wait and wait for our partner to recognize us by doing for us the thing we feel they should know to do. We describe this, as it has often been called as, saving brown stamps. Meanwhile, resentment builds and we cease to be a proper participant in the relationship.

Our belief that there is a force outside of our lives magically steering it toward love and happiness is deeply ingrained; usually it is only given up as a consequence of repeated disappointments. Even when it is, we can still become involved in trying to be the perfect person ourselves, believing that our slimness or muscularity will exercise a magical attraction on others around us. Thus women become anorexic and men spend hours at the gym. These behaviors often represent an attempt to keep our belief in magic alive.

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Music for Women to Listen to Before a Date

Getting ready for a night out with a new guy can send your nerves into the land of gelatin. Expectations to impress are high and nothing is more important than having a steady hand when trying out that new smoky eye look.

The perfect solution to putting you in the mood is simple: music. Depending on your musical taste there is a song out there that can work as an excellent overture to what you hope will be a fantastic evening.
Start with some vintage numbers and a good bubble bath. As you soak amid rose scented foam sing along with the Andrews Sisters as they croon the classic Rum and Coca-cola. Next dry off as you sing Dolly Parton's Here You Come Again. The violins will lift up your spirits and the familiarity of the song will make you want to seize on to Dolly's hopeful energy.

Norah Jones award winning CD, Come Away With Me, is a soothing blend of songs that whisper the promise of romance. Her alluring voice will help calm any sudden date jitters that begin to creep up. Piggyback Norah's CD with anything from the Diana Krall collection. Diana has a way of hushing the rest of the intrusive sounds of the world. Fade out the sound of traffic outside of your bedroom window and float away on her delicate melodies. This is perfect scented candle music.

Bridging the gap between soothing music and songs to strut to is the break out star, Jem. Jem̢۪s songs have been featured lately as the soundtrack to romance in many hit movies and television series. Her single Come on Closer will give you some growl as you ponder what dress to wear and what to wear underneath. Try out her stunning remake of the classic, Maybe I'm Amazed. The quiet sweetness will make you want to be amazed by your date.

International pop stars, the Scissor Sisters, are experts at creating songs that will have you dancing around your bedroom. Take Your Mama is not just a toe tapper. It is a get up out of your chair and dance song. Playing some of your favorite dance music from yesteryear is another way to calm your nerves. It's difficult to stay in a suspended state of anxiety of the Spice Girls are blasting on your boom box.
Now that you are dressed, or at least know what to wear, it is time to set your mind back on romance. Al Green is your man now. Play the classics Tired of Being Alone back to back with Here I Am (Come and Take Me) and think about wearing your red lipstick. Belle and Sebastian's If She Wants Me is another song that is sure to put a twinkle in your eye.

Don̢۪t be afraid to forgo contemporary music altogether. Some of the best pre date songs don't come with a flashy music video. Bach's Cantata number 156 is a breathtaking song full of romance and hope. Try a Windham Hill Sampler of classics for a perfect blend of soaring songs.

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The Best Flowers In The World

Are you in love? Need to send flower to someone? Do you start flower shop?
For all of you I did little research about popularity of the flowers all around the world. We asked people this question:

Which flower do you like the most?

Here are some answers:


- Obviously roses

- I like “gerbera” (I don’t know in English)

- roses, I love pink and red ones

- I love daisies, wild flowers

- well I like all of them but white rose and purple Jasmin is very beautiful

- Tulips…

- I love red roses and tulips

- I like bluebells and tuberoses

- Lilies…

- I like a bunch of Iris … they have dream like effect …

- Roses,lavenders,lilies…. they are extremely beautiful

- ORCHID….gerbera too

- Red in pink roses


- I love tulips and of course white ,pink and yellow flowers next

- Colorful gerbera, jasmine, orchid, lotus flower, cactus flower and exotic flowers

- Orange & yellow roses, red dahlia, huge sunflower

- Daffodils and Jarberas

- orchids, gerbera, gladiolous, daffodils, carnetions

And final numbers are:

Rose – 34%
Jasmin – 8%
Tulip – 6%
Lilies – 4%
Sunflower – 3%
Gerbers – 3%
Daisies – 2%
Orchids – 2%
Lotus – 1%
Iris – 1%
Rest – under 1 %

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