Advices To The Gallant Man When Meeting Her Parents - 0100

Is your valor put to the test, when facing (her) Mom and Dad? Is meet-the-parents-day, a dreaded event in the near future? Do you enjoy each other’s company that Mom’s opinion or Dad’s plan is already part of the daily conversation? If things are going good, then you should expect that you would meet her parents sooner or later.

But don’t dread the day, and instead welcome it with open arms. For here are sound advices for you, the gallant man, when the day comes to meet her parents.

First of all, not all parents are alike; so don’t assume that they’ll be like Mom and Pop. But, hopefully like her, you would want to impress, respect and not offend your own parents, wouldn’t you? Ask your girlfriend about her family. It would be useful to know any history on her father or mother’s side, her siblings, their work background and major health issues.

It would be wise to find out about the parents’ politics, what kind of sense of humor they have, cultural or entertainment preference, if any. Asking these key questions will also show your girlfriend that you’re interested in knowing all about her family and that you attach a lot of importance in meeting her parents.

A careless remark about the latest bloopers by the country’s president may not sit well with her parents if they are staunch republicans from a red state.

There are countless of other ways you can go wrong with her parents if you don’t do your homework. The objective is to leave a good impression on her father and mother after the first meeting.  Now, you would think that of the two, the father should be the primary focus. But, no; it is best to get your girlfriend’s mother on your side first.

Think about it, she’s actually the one hosting the dinner in the house, isn’t she? Moreover, most mothers would partially judge you according to how happy their daughter looks being with you. When you’re hitting a rough spot in your relationship, your girlfriend would most likely run to her mother. In these times of trouble, her mother might become instrumental in bringing you back together again.

Fathers will generally have a harder time accepting you. Rightly so, because he was the main man in your girlfriend’s life.

Now, it will obviously appear to her father that you are taking over that role. In some instances, the father might resent that. In most cases, they will size you up to see if you are really fit to take care of their daughter. So, come to think of it, fathers have a more natural obstacle to get close to you. But this will happen in time, especially if you’re careful in your first meeting.

Now what do you really do during the actual meeting? If it’s a dinner at their house, always bring a gift.

You can give them a floral arrangement. Depending on their tastes, traditional items like a bottle of wine or a box of sweets also work. When you get into a conversation with them, show interest in their family life. Look for common interests, hobbies and expound on them. Politely ask for their opinion and listen. It’s easy to talk about sports, pets and their line of work. Other good topics are your job, your family, movies, and current events. It would be wise to steer the conversation away from jokes, politics, personal matters, religion and money matters.

Flatter your girlfriend’s mother on her cooking, clothes or the home interiors. Compliment her cooking by finishing your plate. After dinner, offer to help clear the table of wash the dishes.

Eventually, your girlfriend’s parents will start to ask you some direct questions. You won’t panic if you’re prepared for this. Relax, look them in the eye and answer as nicely as you can. Try to think about their reason for asking the question and relate to this when answering the parents.

Remember, in the first meeting, be yourself and make sure to always observe good manners. Show respect to your girlfriend and her parents.

Your girlfriend has probably told all of them about you and how great you are. So come prepared for the meeting and prove to her parents that you deserve to be with their daughter. Dont forget to visit and to find the right person for you. Best Wishes...

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Advantages to Online Dating - 0099

A quick foray into a bar or a nightclub reveals some of the major shortcomings of looking for romance in such places.  A combination of booming bass and shrieking laughter bombards you aurally, while a potent mix of cigarette smoke and spilt beer assails your olfactory senses.  Eventually, amidst the human chaos of the locale, a figure from the opposite side of the room piques your interest.

You fight your way through the crowd in the general direction of him/her and suddenly find yourself screaming in their ear because of the aforementioned noisy surroundings.  The best case finds you exchanging hastily-scrawled phone numbers with the other person or following them out the door, while the worst case finds you feeling rejected and dejected.  Even the “middle” options are less than desirable; often, the person that attracted you physically does not do the same mentally or emotionally, and you’re stuck at an impasse with a minimum of things to talk about.

The truth is that dating in the traditional sense and settings is a distinctly hit-or-miss affair, and a largely impersonal one at that.  You find yourself drawn to another person not because of their intellect or their personality but rather because they are physically attractive.  As anybody who has lived and loved can attest, meaningful relationships are not built solely on the foundation of physical attraction.

You don’t know the person at the other end of the bar from a stranger, however, and thus you have no idea if their beauty is in fact skin deep.  Furthermore, even an indication that there is something else beneath the surface is hardly cause for relaxation; given the uncertainty of the other party’s history, there is no telling what sort of baggage you might be leaving with.

Online dating offers solutions to these problems in many cases.  For one thing, instigating romantic contact online markedly increases in your favor the odds that the other party is interested.

Think about it:  How many times have you browsed online classifieds without the barest trace of purpose or desire?  Having a receptive partner is half of the battle in itself.  Beyond that, online dating increases the likelihood of finding something beyond the initial attraction to sustain prolonged interest.  That’s not to say that physical attraction plays no role in online dating; photos are often associated with online personals, and as in life the most powerful impulses are often the visceral ones.

However, the pace of online dating allows you to find out a bit more about the other party than you would be able to in a different setting.  By the time you read their personal ad and their writing and (hopefully) exchange correspondence with them once or twice, you will probably have a decent idea as to whether the other person is the type that you would like to continue contact with.  If no, it is an easy affair to cease contact since neither party is intimately involved.  If yes, however, the base for a successful relationship has already been laid by communication.

Suffice it to say, online dating today has lost its “taboo” status.  Rather, it represents a viable alternative to those singles who are tired of continually finding the wrong person in the wrong environment. Dont forget to visit and to find the right person for you. Best Wishes...

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Advantages Of Being Truthful To Your Online Date -- 0098

Think you found someone who might be your next serious partner online? The long nights you spend chatting and sending each other private e-mails everyday can really get one’s heart skip a notch higher. When you finally set a date to meet each other, are you sure you are confident enough? Or will you fret because you told your online date that you are six two instead of five three in height? Then you suddenly realized you should have been less of a liar on your previous conversations.

Honesty is very important in any relationship. Read over the advantages of being truthful to your online date and you’ll agree for sure.

*Get more people to check out your profile
Not even a psychologist would know that what you have in your profile is really who you say you are. Fill out your profile with an honest detailed description of yourself. Sprinkle it with a little humor about your yet- to- improve qualities and you’re guaranteed that someone will message you in a matter of minutes. The key is to turn your flaws into something funny and forgiving.

*Get a good first impression
A good first impression would mean: “you’re sexy just as you told me you are” and not “I thought you would be three inches taller.” When you tell your online date about your physical attributes, you can count on a second date.

*Lying requires a lot of thinking
Lying, compared to saying the truth, requires more brain activities. It would be obvious if you’re lying if it takes you five to ten seconds to answer a simple question such as, “Are you fat?”

*Gain his/ her trust
Friendships built on sincerity are more likely to turn into a serious relationship. Trust is just as important as love and respect. Being truthful to your online date makes its easier for her to trust her heart to you.

*Strengthen your confidence
Being true to your self shows how you respect your identity. Knowing your challenges and improving your personality would get others attracted to you and would like you as you like yourself.

*Be less burdened
Don’t be pressured if an online date doesn’t have the same hobbies that you have. It doesn’t matter if she likes rock music and you like country music.

As long as you have a blast going out, lying to get her approval is not necessary.  You can find true love anywhere, even online. Just be wary and safe when meeting strangers. You might not get your lifetime partner here, but meeting someone that would make you smile and laugh is always life’s simple pleasures. Dont forget to visit and to find the right person for you. Best Wishes...

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About Fairness And Female Relationships -- 0097

One of the biggest mistakes men make in their relationships with women is projecting into them their male thinking.

One of the masculine features they usually project into women is fairness.

When this mistake comes back to byte their asses they do not understand what happened, they cannot understand why their girls come back to them in such a self-centered, selfish way in response to their fairness.

Well there is a simple reason fro it:: fairness is - in fact - an invention of men.

Men have been providers to women and children along all the thousands of years of Evolution so they feel terribly guilty if everything is not "shared in a fair way."

This is the responsibility you feel when you know you have the power.

Women are different: their job was for thousands of years to invent ways to have the men give them and their children part of the preys of their hunting, for the seek of their survival.

Being fair was easy to men: they had the power and access to food and resources.Being fair was much more difficult for women under such conditions and could have impaired their own survival and the survival of their children.

It comes out that if you are fair to a woman she will draw a long list of very unpleasant conclusions about you and your personality of which these are the most important:

- She will think about that is you are fair to her it is because you are tired of hunting and want to rest and please her. In a word what is for you a good, noble thing is for her a weakness. She will draw the conclusion that you are less fit for survival than usual and give you the last hit. In fact if you are less fit for survival it may be the last time she gets your preys away from you.

- She will draw the conclusion that she is permitted to steal from you the prey of your hunting and believe me: she will.

Guys listen to me.

This is one of the main reasons for the failure of your relationships with your wives and your girlfriends: if you look backward there was a moment where you started to feel:"This is not fair, I am more powerful, I should raise her at my level".

Soon after you wondered why you get absolutely no "thank you" from her and why she seems to want more and more and more out of you.

Guys tell me the truth: each one of you has been in his marriage or relationship with a woman in the point where he has to ask from himself:"What the fuck is going on here? The more I give to her the more she takes!"

This process went on until.. you were made weaker and she went out of the relationship with you with half of your property.

Or until you had to stop her from doing that in a pretty rough way.

No matter how balanced and sexy a woman is, no matter how great you and she get along she will have to be reminded not to be selfish. She is incapable of what you guys call "altruistic" behavior toward her same-age partner.

She can only be "altruistic" toward her children.

That doesn't mean you can't teach her how to behave to relate with you in a different way. What you need to take out of your mind is that you will be able at a certain point to have her internalize fairness. That will never happen.

When a male perceives himself in a situation in which he is taking advantage of the other person, he tends to feel guilty

He either constructs psychological defenses that allow himself to continue in the one-sided business in which he gains at the other person's expense or, he somehow goes about increasing the gain for the other person while reducing his own until that point at which he feels things are "fair" or "equal" again.

In other words, he somehow tries to build an altruistic balance.

When a female, on the other hand, perceives herself to be involved somehow in a one-way relationship, she recognizes it as such but then doesn't take the next step. Instead, her typical response is to attempt to perpetuate the situation, cause it to continue, figure out how to make sure she continues to get that stuff.

It isn't nasty behavior from her; it is, simply, her own instinct to preserve herself. When her children get messed up she sacrifices herself; but not before that time. Well maybe some modern women not even when their children get messed up.. but those are extreme cases.

So if you set yourself in a relationship with a woman in the position of being "fair" to her in everything she will take out of you everything, even the last penny. Instead the position you need to take towards her is the one of constantly teaching her how to give you things in return for what you are giving to her. You have to teach her that whatever you give to her is not for free. You need to teach her fairness and altruism.

When you do this you achieve her respect: you are showing her that you can hunt around and also hunt her.

How you do that on daily basis? Like this:

- Your leadership over a woman is not for free. Every time you lead her you need to communicate / sub-communicate that you do that only if you are treated well and get something in return. If she stops giving you stop leading. Verbalize this at need.

- Be specific in asking things from her. Women like to take care of you. You can be specific about how you want her to make love with you, in which way you want to be touched, tell her openly what pleases you sexually.

- You can be specific in regard on how you want her to behave socially, how you want her to dress, how you want her to come close to you, of which subjects you want her to talk with you and so on.

When you teach her to give things back to you in return for your existence in her life you are behaving with her like her Prince. Women love to be devoted to Princes because they are usually the best hunters.

Instead if you get into the downward spiral of giving her all what you have for the sake of fairness you will be taken into a black hole, her attraction and respect for you will go down and you will finally lose her.

She will think that you are pleasing her because you want to rest and stop hunting and will behave accordingly by taking all what remains of your prey out of you. An alpha male cannot rest. That is an illusion. If you are alpha you know that you can rest only in your grave.

Put your energy into business, pick-up, seduction and never enter a relationship where you are being made weaker !

To be able to understand the deep differences in psychology between you and women is a very important skill.

If you are a single man willing to seduce women to get a wonderful girlfriend.

Or a husband willing to make his own wife happy in the relationship.

Or a playboy willing to have a lot of fun. Dont forget to visit and to find the right person for you. Best Wishes...

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A Report on the Scenario of UK Adult Personals and Adult Dating Web Sites - 0096

Computers and the Internet have had a tremendous impact on society. Together they have become the dominant aspect within our social, business and personal lives, and have completely altered our cultural landscape. From accessing information to shopping, from sharing email to finding life partners, everything is now possible online. Essentially we have created a new world: the virtual world.  Let's explore one of the new features emerging from these integral tools that have become so essential to our lifestyle:

Many of the oldest social activities revolved around finding a life partner.  Balls, parties, dinners, social gatherings; they all offered an opportunity to meet that someone special.  But life has become increasingly fast-paced and online dating has joined the ranks of online shopping because of the convenience it offers. Though initially online dating was limited to searching and matching user profiles, it has since grown beyond this painstaking ritual. Every day, the online dating industry is exploring new terrain for growth, and has become so vast that it would be impossible to pen to paper its current breadth. There are few limits as to what you can accomplish within an online dating site - it is a service that brings results.

The UK is one of the most developed nations in Europe, with a long social history and strong political ties to the USA - which has naturally affected their socio-cultural environment in minor but noticeable ways.  One might assume that the growing popularity of adult dating in the UK is derived from the immense growth of the same industry in the US, which is saturated with online dating options.

Another explanation may be simply that the days are gone when people are confined to pubs, night clubs, or other social arenas if they want to meet someone new. Now it is as simple as logging on to a UK adult personals web site, comparing your preferences to other members and finding an attractive prospect, messaging a bit online and then taking it to the physical realm with an in-person meeting. It’s that easy!

Whether we're looking at the UK, the USA or another country, sex is an inevitable urge of being human. This closed-door affair was a matter of privacy in the past, but as people deem adult dating sites to be a safe and efficient domain for meeting others they feel encouraged to share their identities, urges and feelings.  Now, if you're convinced to give adult online dating a chance the next challenge is sifting through the numerous dating sites for UK personals.  I recommend if you want a a truly positive and satisfying experience.  is one of the fastest growing social networking and dating websites in the World Wide Web. The best aspect of this dating service provider is that all the exclusive service features (which other popular networking sites provide as subscribed services) absolutely FREE.

Currently  has 22 international websites and plans to launch even more sites in additional countries. Efficient Instant Messenger, multilingual capabilities and advanced profile search technology has made one of the leading online dating service providers on the Web.  member blogs are a great source of interesting posts related to the dating industry, including dating advice, personal stories and much more. For more details, you can log in to their site and compare their services with other dating sites like

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A Look at Jewish Dating Traditions -- 0094

Jewish dating traditions range from the rigid rules and regulations formulated in Biblical times to the modern, no holds barred attitude of today’s youth. In the olden days, men and women were pretty much kept apart until the matchmaker made an arrangement, introduced the two young people, talked with both sets of parents and set the wedding date.

Men and women were kept separate in the temple, praying in separate sections of the building, with the men on one side and the women on the other. The odd thing about this arrangement is that even though the wedding was held in a temple, the same rules applied even then. The bride and groom were kept apart during the service up until the time that it was made complete and then, and only then, could they embrace and begin to celebrate their marriage.

In more modern times, in this great, progressive country, the idea of keeping the sexes apart, especially during the wedding ceremony was absurd. You couldn’t keep today’s kids apart with a brick wall and Jewish dating traditions can’t change that. But, there are some traditions that remain in place even to this day. Based around the time-honored practice of motherly guilt, mothers hold sway over their sons and daughters and any good child will go out of his way to keep them happy.

In Jewish families, the mother holds the power and if the children want anything from their parents -- inheritances, respect, blessings -- then the rules and Jewish dating traditions of the household must be respected. It’s not a law, not a Biblical rule or a commandment.

It’s just the way it is. From Hasidic, to conservative to reformed, each family group has its traditions even in modern America.  The bond that keeps Jewish people clustered together also keeps the children following the family traditions regarding dating and marriage. Dont forget to visit and to find the right person for you. Best Wishes...

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A Look at Christian Dating Services -- 0094

Churches often stress the benefits of love, marriage, and family life, and Christians are encouraged to form relationships with others.  Many Christian singles face the reality that meeting other eligible Christians can be quite difficult.  Those in small churches often find it hard to meet enough single people, while singles in large church communities feel under the spotlight, or find it hard get to know people well.

For most Christian singles, the opportunities of meeting Christians from other denominations or even just different churches can be rare.  Christian Dating Services emerged because Christian singles needed a way to contact other Christian singles in their community.  The Christian dating service industry has since grown as a service and business.

The internet has become an important outlet for the dating industry, including Christian dating services.  Christian online dating, for some, is a great way to find love, especially if they are looking for someone that shares a devotion to faith and ideals and hopes for a similar lifestyle.  Many people are concerned that Christian online dating is not right for them, because of a variety of reasons.

Some concerns include the accuracy of profile matches and the truthfulness of other dating service subscribers, but Christian dating services have eliminated the obstacle of spiritual compatibility.  The fact that a person is searching for another Christian single immediately eliminates the awkwardness of touching the subject of religion.  If two people are compatible in religion, they may be compatible in other ways as well. Dont forget to visit and to find the right person for you.

Christian online dating can be a great way for single people who are frightened or apprehensive of the online dating experience.  Because the target demographic includes people who adhere to a spiritual lifestyle, and therefore have similar morals and values, Christian online dating websites can provide a safe environment for their users.

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After The First Date -- 0093

The time after the first date can be a very emotional experience. The excitement of what to do next can be racing through someone’s mind. These emotions are magnified even further if the date was a success. This however is a time to slow down and play it cool. The last thing anyone wants to do is scare of a potential Mr or Mrs right.

There are many excited singles longing to reach for the phone at the first opportunity. Getting to know someone doesn’t need to be achieved within a few days, it’s a process that needs to take time. The relationship needs space to breath. A day or two after the first date is a perfect time to collect thoughts, and as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

When you do get around to that first phone call remember to stay relaxed and don’t come across as being infatuated. Try to get a sense of how the date went for the other person.

When the time is right mention how the date went for you, and see what type of response you get. If it’s a positive one you have the option of talking about another date, or playing it cool a little longer. Maybe call them again in another couple of days, but still leave them with the feeling that you are very interested. You don’t want to give them the impression you are not as this could put doubts in their mind.

The next call should be about the second date if you haven’t mentioned it in the previous call. Arrange a quiet place for the date so you can still chat in comfort, and get to know them a bit more. Dont forget to visit and to find the right person for you.

As the dates progress, adding fun to them can bring two people closer. Trying an activity for the first time like bowling can create some humor. Learn to laugh together, it’s a very romantic emotion. The time after your first date can be an exciting, emotional experience. Remember to relax, play it cool, and don’t come across as being infatuated, and everything should run along smoothly.

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Advice For The Big First Date -- 0092

Everyone feels a mixture of excitement and nervousness when they consider going on a first date. There are perhaps few times that people desire to make an impression as much as they do on a first date. While there is no way to remove all of the fears that go with first dates, there are some simple ways to make the experience less stressful and more enjoyable.

First of all, it is wiser and important to be careful about who you choose to go on a first date with. Everyone agrees that the purpose of dating is to get to know someone, so while you do not have to not a lot about a person before taking them on a first date, it is helpful to at least know something of the person you will be sharing the date with. If you do not know them personally, be sure that one of your friends or family members knows that person at least a little. You will save yourself time, energy and perhaps disappointment by choosing wisely who you will share a first date with.

Another bit of advice about a first date is to agree to do something that you both enjoy.

There is perhaps nothing worse than going on a first date only to hate the activity you are doing. If, for example, you hate bowling with a passion, then perhaps agreeing to bowl on a first date is not the best choice for you. Doing something you do not enjoy may hinder your ability to enjoy the person you are with, which is, after all, the whole point of the first date.

Remember that the first date is not all about you. Start right from the beginning by showing genuine interest in whoever you are with. Everyone loves it when someone asks great questions and seems to genuinely care about their life. If you have trouble thinking of questions off the top of your head, perhaps it would be wise for you to think of a few good questions before you head off on your date. Do whatever it takes to show the person you are with that you care enough to ask them questions.

You can never know if you will really enjoy the person you are with or if you will feel comfortable with them until you get into the first date, so make sure that you have given yourself good boundaries for your date. Put a time limit on the date right from the beginning so that you know when the end is near. This is especially helpful if the first date turns out to be less than ideal (which, unfortunately, happens more than you might think).

First dates, when done well, can be a great first step in getting to know someone great. So take your time and do first dates with care. Dont forget to visit and to find the right person for you. Best Wishes...

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Advantages of Online Dating - 0091

With the advantages of online dating becoming more obvious all the time, it’s no wonder the industry itself is continually growing. Gone are the days of smoke filled bars and clubs trying to get to know someone. Online dating gives you the opportunity to view a single’s profile before you have even contacted them.

Getting to know someone from the comfort of your own home is an affordable luxury with online dating.

There is no guesswork involved either of whether the other person is single, because they are all single. And they are all there to find a compatible partner.

Arrive home from work, login, and check your inbox. There’s no need to wait until Friday night, or Saturday night to start dating. There are no unsociable hours online, it’s a twenty four hour lifestyle.

With no need to dress up as no one can see what an online dater is wearing, there is no need to spend hours getting ready. Comfort is the only concern when dating online.

Every detail of a prospective date is there in black and white. The things they love in life, their desires, and what they want out of life. An insight into someone’s personality is instantly recognisable.

Once someone has found an interesting looking profile, an e-mail or instant message is all it takes to get some possible conversation going.

If the recipient likes the look of the senders profile then an online relationship is ready to bloom. After getting to know someone the first date can be at that new coffee bar that’s in need of a test.

A nice quiet date to continue the connection someone has made online. Or maybe an excuse is needed to try out the new restaurant in town.

Evenings out with friends can be spent enjoying yourself again. There’s no need to spend the night trying to find someone to start a relationship with. You will have a new air of confidence about you. And when all your friends find out the “how’s” and “where’s”, they will soon be enjoying the advantages of online dating as well. Dont forget to visit and to find the right person for you. Best Wishes...

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Adult dating online: shy person’s ultimate destination --0090

Hi everybody! My name is Joe and I am a single guy in my early thirties. I am very shy in nature and whenever I try to talk to a girl I feel like freeze up. Often I go out with my friends to bars or parties, my friends would leave with the ladies they meet there and I am the one who remains left out.

It’s quite frustrating and for my shy nature I never have any girl friends till now.  You won’t believe, I even tried drinking to relax, but would still just falter when I try to talk to the ladies. It’s high time and I was on a look out to find a solution for my problem when I came to know about adult dating online from a friend.  I don’t feel nervous while chatting on the internet, even if she turns out to be a famous celebrity or a super model. Maybe because I’m hundreds of kilometers away and not interacting face to face with them. I feel that if I start using adult dating online more often then I can boost my confidence level slowly over time and eventually have enough courage to not freeze up in front of women.

I’ll just try to find someone interesting from adult dating online and maybe eventually go out on a date with them, and because I know them quite well by then while chatting through adult dating online, I won’t freeze and embarrass myself when I actually meet them! I think I’ll begin my adult dating online experience tonight and see if I can meet any nice women who will chat with me and help me build my confidence. I just hope the next time a woman asks me for directions I won’t just stutter and walk away. I will try online at , wish me luck.
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A platform for adults to date -- 0089

Every day at least one new adult dating site is introduced and this is only because there are millions of adults who are looking for a mate or a life partner. They are all tired of meeting people through known sources and are taking the next step, trying to find them on their own from across the globe. Thanks to the Internet, today people can be in touch with anyone virtually for any part of the world. And so these sites give the opportunity to meet a person from the opposite sex  who meets our needs and fulfills our criteria.

For Adults it is essential to find someone who reciprocates the feelings and who shares common interests with them. They might be seeking to get married or simply find a love interest, either which would bring them happiness and complete their lives. All the adult dating sites offer complete security and enable people to locate others who match their desires. They would then take it forward by exchanging contact information and see where it goes.

Going to the bar or a club was what all adults used earlier to find a friend or partner, but today they have no time nor the energy to spend hours sipping drinks and making idle conversations. They want it all easy and would love it if there was a system that could zero in on a person that would be perfect for them. There are many who are seeking only a friend, or a short term relationship, they could find a person who shares the same thoughts. And for others looking for long term romantic relationships that could go on to marriage, there are people in that category as well.

Meeting, dining out, going out, spending time with each other are all what will ultimately determine if the relationship is going somewhere or not. For this, the adult dating sites offer a multitude of options whereby the member can key in their personal details, interests and other information to let the others know of what kind of a person they are. Based on the personalities, the members would then reach out and make a connection or move on.

Blind dates and match making sites have all lost their market, because people are not interested in meeting someone they have no clues about. It is always a risk, and a gamble going to meet a complete stranger. They could be a nice person, or in fact the very Mr or Ms Right you have been seeking, but its always better to be wary than foolhardy.

Before joining an adult dating site, do your ground work. Find out which are the genuine sites and what kind of process they follow. Some might be filled with unpleasant characters, while others might promise the mountains and not even deliver a trace of it. Also since most sites require you to become a paid member, when making payments be careful when entering your credit card details and check for security. Dont forget to visit to find the right person for you. Best Wishes...

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Why Women Like Bad Boys - 0088

Why are most women attracted to those motorcycle types, dirty and grungy looking Lotharios that their mothers and fathers have told them to not be involved in?

Is it because of these men’s inherently good looks, scorching bad boy quality? Or is it a simple case of bad psychology: that women really do not know what’s good for them?
Believe it or not, there is a certain aura that bad boys exude that some women do find hopelessly irresistible.

It is so good to be bad. Or in this case, it is so good to be involved with someone bad. For one thing, there is the adventure. Either some find themselves in their own little thought-of movie or romantic novel that being together or being involved with a bad guy is just plain tempting.

The Bridget Jones saga, both the movie and book version, seem to echo these same sentiments. Why would a woman who already has her gentlemanly Darcy, still find something attractive from a devilish Cleaver? The latter is so mean and so manipulative. While the other is so straight up and sometimes, a bit uptight. So who should a confused woman choose?

Basically, it is – sort of – a fact. Women love the little bad things found in men. Some do so because they love the drama. A relationship with bad men gets most women’s juices up and flowing. A date with them is unpredictable. One minute they may be out on a nice cozy dinner, the next minute they may be in a dark street corner making out. Meanwhile, a date with a straight-up men could be nice, simple, conventional and unsurprising.

What follows after a quiet dinner may be a talk, and then some more talk, and a walk. Comfortable, safe and sometimes it might even be romantic. Although some do find such a scenario boring.

Sometimes, a date or a relationship with all the badness found in men is a great topic for a conversation for women the next day. Women love nitpicking every gory detail about their bad, bad men. How they have been bad, etc. However, women also enjoy talking about how their men has been good, in bed that is.

Sometimes, boys that are bad or those who have been bad are referred to as being a wolf, or being a fox.

There may be a reason for this term. Both animals are predators. Women should not tread such dark waters, but sometimes they do. Believe it or not, it is the sexual opportunity and excitement that brings women or at least magnetizes them into the waiting arms of a manly predator.

Let us face it. Predators, or rather, men, could also sometimes be charming, if not handsome. No wonder it is so conveniently easy to simply fall head over heels over them. Plus, there is that dream fantasy of most females that they alone have this amazing and almost god-like quality to be able to change for the better all the bad men in their lives.

Fortunately or unfortunately, bad men makes some women feel instantly sexy.

This is a stark difference from the guys touted as good who sometimes discourage some of their women to be as goody-goody as they can possibly be.

However, there are certain facts that just cannot be disregarded. There really is, and there should really be no excuse for being bad. Some men are just plain insensitive and no amount of patience, hope, wishing and dreaming could cover up for his badness. Men who are like this - please, please do remember – is not and could possibly be not that sincerely in love with the women in their lives. Believe it or not, they may be more in love with themselves than in anyone else. Try, as much as possible, to not fall for his own professions of his love for you. Chances are, and there is a great chance of this happening, his I-love-you’s may be his way to get what he wants with you.

All in all, dating bad men is good only for that purpose alone – dating. Adventure, sexual or otherwise, is good for the short term. Long term relationships require mutual trust and respect, a little kinkiness also wouldn’t hurt at all. Dont forget to visit and to find the right person for you. Best Wishes...

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Why women from Russia in search of a husband abroad - 0087

A Google search for a  "Russian marriage agency " yields more than 250000 results. Let us be frank: these are the surprising results of a country FSU. Russia was locked away from the rest of the world over a long period of time and has finally achieved its independence 16 years ago, opening up broad prospects for cooperation with foreign countries. Russia is still a young country, so any way this effect is unexpected. What is the reason for this business to prosper in the countries of the former Soviet Union over the past few years? Are women in these countries rich hunting husbands? Will get around an unforgettable romance short term? Or do they just want something deeper as true love and relationships somebody to be happy?

Fortunately for me, when he began a swarm these questions in my head, a good friend of mine, who has lived in Italy for several years, was in the city to visit her family. So, instead of looking through stacks of statistics and wracking my brain to get the information so interesting to me, I got in touch with her and her brain loaded with all the questions.

Before going, I want to make it clear: does this article are the motivations and desires of every woman in Russia, introducing his profile to a marriage agency. In addition I will be the one to inspire foreigners: Do be careful once they chose the path of the search for a marriage agency. In the past, some ladies of Russia from the former Soviet Union countries have provided more than enough negative publicity (read my article on fraud in the city of Lugansk, Ukraine), but don  't let miss and the timing of the gift to someone Pleasure of communication and the possibility of finding love. With this in mind, I proceed.

When I started questioning the motives of the Russian women who take the opportunity of matrimonial agencies, my first discovery is very worrying. One of the main reasons why the FSU women prefer foreigners is that the men in their country of origin are  't good enough. There are a lot of bad stories about the lives of girls from Russia abroad. Why not admit that the reason is for men in the home, which, in my opinion, don  't know what is a family?  "- Said Natasha comments on the article in one of the main documents of Russia, which blamed marriages Foreigners.  "Unfortunately, the  'Russian ' men have a long way to go to keep up with the men from abroad.  "Some agencies bridal give the same information. An American journalist, who had a  "Romance of tourism from Russia to find a bride 'trip to Russia as part of his research for a story, says in his online journal, which the instructor on the tour explained: Ukrainian and Russian males' drinking, philander, Alternatively beat women and neglect.  "

Obviously, not all FSU man treats women in this way. However, a general conception that most brides Russian / Ukrainian women by men in their home countries is reduced to a few common words: irresponsible, hard heart, too demanding and was not willing to provide their children, and much less than his mother. Throughout the history of Russian women have been famous for the way they treat their families. They are loving, dedicated and caring, and to arrive at a marriage agency that dream to find someone like them, the creation of a strong family happy.

Otherwise by Natasha observed during its three years of marriage to a foreigner: To tell you the truth, I did not marry him  't think about life in Italy ... But the Italians in the family is very, very important, and put a great emphasis on family values. This means a lot to me. Foreigners in general, seem to be more serious about the family and children, unlike the men in the home.  "

Consistent with the lack of quality men from the former Soviet Union, there is also a lack of quantity. Statistics show that during the year 2002, the male-female ratio was 46% to 54%, and hasn  't changed much since then. Given that a large part of these 46% are people who can  't be counted for the love, care and support, which leaves the ladies of Russia and Ukraine, very little to choose from. Of course, the solution to the problem is broading their horizons.

 "All the good have been snatched away long ago, your chances of finding someone in this country after they turn 25 are close to zero, " Natasha mused over a cup coffee (he married his beloved Italy at the age of 29).  "Apparently, the boys (in Ukraine) disappear when they turn 30.  "

On top of all said, the recognition of their own femininity sets the FSU women apart from the United States or Europe ladies. Most foreigners in mind that the FSU women, different from the latter two, and I don  't mean just outside her beauty, which has been mentioned by many and admired. These ladies like to be painted rather, it is not uncommon for them to wear a dress and pumps on a regular basis, who are concerned about their body and taste to be attractive. In short, they want to be feminine, not feminist.

The FSU women love to be a 'weaker sex', which for them means the care of his family first, in addition to being careful and appreciated. Promises that seems to be in abundance by the Americans and Europeans, many of whom share a view that has been too long since Western women have shown no desire to appreciate the softer side of the 'more weak gender. " Compared with the constant bustle of women in the house to make the race and to achieve equality with men, the feminine side of the FSU ladies is an advantage to the men from abroad. Even some FSU men admit that 'their' women are attractive to foreigners because exactly  "women are still not emancipated some feminists, as in the West."

Natasha dreamily recalls his first visitings Italy: 'When I was in Italy I was treated like a princess surrounded with care, so I lost a lot of our men. I think there is so much beauty (Russia), which our men are just used to it, it is mundane to them, they forget about simple compliments? Italians value of beauty.  "

After all this, what can I say to men in search of their destiny? It all comes down to what you are looking for. Undoubtedly, there will be some money-hungry vamps, eager to trap. If you want exotic night, you can find that in Ukraine, Russia or anywhere in the world for that matter. But there is no better place than Russia and Ukraine if you want to find a respectful, caring and loving women who love their families. Dont forget to visit and to find the right person for you. Best Wishes...

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