How to make small talk: Flirting tips

Subscribe now @ Dating and Body Language expert and co-author of How to get the man you want / How to get the woman you want (Inner Kiss Publishing) Katia Loisel-Furey reveals the secret to mastering small talk. Katia's flirting tips reveal how to make small talk, break the ice, be interesting as well as interested start a conversation and maintain a conversation.

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How to Kiss Harder | Kissing Tips

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Woman: Sometimes all this, like namby pamby like, "I want to kiss you real soft, girl, like we making love." Okay really, no. It's not that kind of hookup. Sometimes you just want to, like, "I'm wanna go for it," and you want, you just wanna like, eat someone alive.

Man: Sometimes you're on, like, a dock of a bay and sometimes you just want to go at it.

Woman: You wanna go at it! You wanna Great White Shark someone.

Man: Yeah.

Woman: Not just like tiny, little, nibbly fish thing.

Man: No not like Finding Nemo. You wanna Great White Shark your face.

Woman: Right. So ladies, I have said this over and over again. But let the man take the lead when it comes to kissing. If you want a guy to kiss you hard, you don't have to be like, tongue and mouth! You want to give him cues that is going to make him step up his kissing game to give you what you want. Because that's kind of the theme of a relationship.

You don't want to, like, come out and tell a man what you want. "I want you to buy me a present!" You want to do subtle little things that's going to make him want to buy to buy you a present. I know. We're like witches. We're like, crazy witchcraft, voodoo.

So if you want a guy to kiss you harder, here are my two tips. Put your hand in his hair. Just like snake it right back and pull his hair. Not like by the ends, because that hurts. Put your hand in his hair and like close your fist. So that just pulls the hair tight without hurting. It kind of stimulates his scalp follicles

Man: Mum huh.

Woman: See, when his eyes closed? Like a puppy. Also, take him by the shirt and pull him towards you. Not in like a, "I'm gonna rip it off him." This isn't like a wrestling move. Just twist it just a little bit and pull him closer. Men are used to women being very like subtle. So if you do things that are just a little bit above average in terms of aggressiveness, he's gonna get the message. And guys, you have a role to play of your own.

Man: As soon as you feel that the girl is tugging, or tugging on the hair, that's your cue to be like, "Okay, now it's time to take it, the aggression level up one or two notches." So when she grabs the shirt and the hair, it goes from the Finding Nemo kisses which are. Then she gives you the cue which are, "I love that."

Woman: Uh huh.

Man: Great White Shark.

Woman: Uh huh. Uh huh.

Man: Makes sense?

Woman: You're not trying to eat each other alive. You're trying to just get a little bit closer. So let your body do that, not necessarily just your mouth.

Man: Do you see how we were all getting closer?

Woman: Yeah, well. Let's show it again.

Man: Let's just do it again. Alright. Cue. Okay.

Woman: Just. Yeah. Here we go.

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10 Ways To Spice Up Your Romance I Lovemaking Tips 10 Way to Recharge YouR Romance I I Lovemaking Tips

Recreating your firs date

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Giving your partners

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Be spontaneous

Spending time apart for a


Spending quality time


Realize that the arguin

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Making aconcerted effort

to impress your partner

Taking a trip together

Turing off the computer

and internet for a few


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